Frequently Asked Questions

To register for the account opening, log on to click on the register button and fill out the form. Once the process has been completed, our representative will get in touch with you to activate your account.

Once your account is activated, you can logon to pikkrr with your account credentials, and click on the booking form, where you can enter shipping information, consignee information, order and product details, cash amount information and delivery mode and service type to book your shipments.

Shipments booked before 03:00 pm on pikkrr portal shipment will be picked and dispatched the same day. Shipments booked after 03:00 pm will be picked on the next working day.

Within the city, shipments will be attempted within 24 hours of being dispatched.

A maximum of 3 attempts will be made for each shipment, and in case the consignee refuses to accept the shipment or is found unavailable/ unresponsive during the delivery attempts, our customer support department will confirm the return for such shipments with the consignee before the shipment is being scheduled for return to the shipper.

The shipment will be returned to the shipper within 7 working days of return confirmation and he/she will be charged for return as per agreement.

Shipper is responsible for the packaging of their shipments & it should be packed /sealed with the pikkrr labels pasted on it. Shippers can use their own branded / non branded flyers which should be fully sealed, but should avoid using transparent packaging

Shipper is responsible for the packaging of their shipments & it should be packed /sealed with the pikkrr labels pasted on it. Shippers can use their own branded / non branded flyers which should be fully sealed, but should avoid using transparent packaging

Sensitive shipments should be marked with a fragile sticker so as to indicate the operations to take special care. It's also advisable to use styrofoam boxes to ship highly fragile products like cosmetics, electronics, etc. All fragile/sensitive shipments are shipped at the shipper's risk.

Flyers from any other vendor (courier company) would not be accepted & such shipments will be held in operation at the time of shipment arrival.

Pikkrr offers flyers in three sizes i.e. Small 13*9.5 inches (charged at rs. 10 per unit), medium 18*12 inches (charged at rs. 15 per unit), large 20*14 inches (charged at rs. 20 per unit).

Flyers can only be requested after your account has been activated & the first request for flyer delivery will be done on cash only. (future requests can be adjusted on account).

Regular cod accounts for which charges are deducted at the time of payments.

Payments for every delivered shipment will be settled to the shipper within 24 hours of the delivery, through online banking, easypaisa or jazz cash. Please note that all the charges pertaining to each shipment will be deducted at the time of payment.

Pikkrr charges the shipment delivery based on the weight of the shipment delivered. Other components of pricing are cash handling, fuel surcharge or insurance etc and will be applied as per the agreement with the client.

Delivery for out of service or non-service areas will be charged separately after getting approval from the shipper.

Shipments weight charges are calculated according to either the dense weight (actual weight of the mass of the shipment) or the volumetric weight (the 3d dimensions of the shipment) whichever is higher.

The volumetric weight will be applied based on the following formula:

{length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)} /5,000

Claims will only be acceptable for the shipments lost during transit. Moreover, for the accepted claims upto 80% of the value will be reimbursed to the client. Claims will not be acceptable in case of damage due to improper packaging of the product.

The claim will be processed once the required documents are furnished. For example: purchase slip, clearing documents, etc.

Any claim for the shipment return/insurance/delivery after 30 days of pick-up will not be entertained. Once the shipment is being delivered to the consignee, no claim shall be acceptable.

Pikkrr will not be held responsible in case of any damage or harm done to shipments owing to unforeseen or cataclysmic events, for example: earthquakes, fires, surges, mobs and strikes etc.

To avail the insurance, customers will have to inform their concerned account manager prior to opening the account. The insurance cost borne will be 3% of the value of shipment for all the general items, for electronic items, it will be 5% of the value of shipment.

Taxes will be applicable on total shipment charges depending on the origin of shipments. 13% GST will be applied to the shipments originating from Sindh, whereas 16% GST will be applied to the shipments originating from punjab.

You can move any sort of product through pikkrr, except for the below mentioned categories:

Currency, jewelry, bullion, antiques, liquor, stamps, precious metals, precious stones, works of art, fire arms, plants, drugs, explosives, animals, perishable goods and items, negotiable instruments in bearer form, lewd objects, obscene and pornographic material, industrial carbons and diamonds, hazardous or combustible materials, and all other items/articles restricted by iata (international air transport association), icao (international civil aviation organization) and any item whose distribution is regulated by law or by any statute of the provincial or federal government.

Pikkrr will have full legal authority to act against the customer in case any such item is found in any shipment.

Pikkrr pickup service is available monday to saturday as a regular pikkrr service. Pikkrr courier services schedule your pick-up according to your home or office address. You can request for pickup by simply calling us at.

There are no additional pick-up charges. We offer the pick-up service free of cost

Pickup can be ordered any time before 3 pm

Web tracking ( or contact us at our helpline : 03 111 999 993

Please remember that pikkrr is not responsible for the quality of delivered material as we are only responsible for the delivery of the products. We do not own or sell any items unless otherwise mentioned. Further, pikkrr courier is not liable for the time duration it may take the shipper to contact the shipment recipient, so complaints related to delays in returns or exchanges will not be entertained by pikkrr courier once the shipper’s info has been provided.

We will make up to 3 attempts to deliver a shipment. Our courier rider will leave a message indicating a delivery was attempted, and information as to where you should call for further information (such as the address of the location from where you can pick it up). Most of the time the shipment can then be picked up from the nearest pikkrr office. If a shipment is not delivered due to a change in address, business closure, etc., the shipment will be returned to the sender/ consignor.

You can contact us within 2days through our customer support .

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